Six Reasons that Make Fall Pontoon Boating Great

Six Reasons that Make Fall Pontoon Boating Great

Most pontoon boat owners pull their boats out of the water once the summer sun and heat decrease. But wherever you are in the United States, fall pontoon boating offers incredible fun and beauty. Sure, it is a different experience than when boating during the summer. But that is why you should give it a try.

Quieter Enjoyment on the Water

Autumn is a time when lakes and rivers grow quieter. Boat traffic dies down quickly in September. This leaves marinas, launch ramps and other on-the-water services less hectic. You can also enjoy peace and quiet on popular anchorages and sand bars through fall pontoon boating that you probably struggle to access in summer.

Gorgeous Fall Colors

Have you looked around at the colors of autumn, lately? These colors are deep and warm on their own, with trees turning various shades of orange, crimson and yellow. Fall pontoon boating enables you to “leaf peep” and really enjoy nature’s beauty that only arrives for a short time each year. Chances are that your favorite bodies of water are surrounded by a changing landscape beckoning for your visual indulgence.

Bird Watching Comes Alive in Autumn

In the fall, migratory birds flock south for the colder season ahead. This migration creates a bounty of flight, water enjoyment and song. From the deck of your boat, consider turning fall pontoon boating into an autumn safari perfect for Instagram. Enlist your friends or loved ones to come along with their binoculars and regional bird guides in hand. Then, set up a nice dinner at the dock after your day of birdwatching pleasure.

You Need a Reason to Wear Your Favorite Flannels

Being outside during the cooler, crisper air of fall invigorates your soul. Even better, fall pontoon boating does not involve raking leaves. This time of year is a great break from the intensity of summer’s heat. You can enjoy breathing the clean air and doing fun activities like fishing when the lake or river are more peaceful. Just ensure you bring some cozy blankets, sweatshirts and other appropriate gear according to your region. Also bear in mind that days are shorter in the fall, so you need to get moving early to get the most from your fall pontoon boating experience.

Fall Nights on the Water Under Starry Skies

Being out under the stars in the fall is an experience unto itself. Bring along a telescope to check out Orion and other constellations. Check online to know what is happening in the cosmos on particular nights, so you can set up a lovely evening picnic and viewing party. 

Fall Fishing Is Some of the Best 

Fishing in the summertime can feel complex, given the abundance of boat traffic, resulting waves and your need to stay cool under the sun. But in fall? You can take advantage of prime fall pontoon boating and less water traffic to drop a line in the lake or river. Fish seem to bite more in autumn, particularly with the lake surface being more still and serene. You can also take advantage of migrating species like striped bass or catfish enjoying the greater bounty of baitfish.

Take Advantage of Fall Pontoon Boating with Hydrofoil Technology

There are many reasons to implement hydrofoil technology on your pontoon boat for an enhanced experience year-round. Hydrofoils used in the design of Hydrofin make your boat run up to 40 percent faster with as much as 50 percent better fuel economy. This is great in the fall, as much as during summer. With hydrofoil technology in place, you can get quickly to your favorite fishing spots or best birdwatching, before the sun goes down. With improved fuel economy, you also do not break the bank by extending your activities well into the fall pontoon boating season.

Schedule your call with Hydrofin today to learn about hydrofoil designs and technology that steps up your fall pontoon boating game.


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