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Frequently Asked Questions

Just like wings provide lift to an airplane, Hydrofin wings lift the boat to reduce drag and increase performance.  Designed to carry approximately 40% of the total weight of the boat, Hydrofin wings lift the boat an incredible 4-8″.  The end result is a much faster and better performing boat that saves fuel since the motor doesn’t have to work as hard.  

There are four wings safely mounted between the logs of the boat below the water line. The front wings are mounted near the center line and the rear wings are mounted a few inches from the very back of the boat. 

Similar to the boat itself, the Hydrofin wings were designed to withstand impact forces that come from normal operational use.   Since the main wings are mounted mid-way back on the boat, it is likely the pontoon logs will hit obstructions before hitting the wings.  

The system was engineered to distribute the lifting forces so as not to damage your boat. 

Yes, the system was designed to work on any new or existing double pontoon boat.

Although we have a design for tri-toon’s the production version is not yet completed.

Yes, Hydrofin was designed to work with most standard trailers.    Depending upon the location of the loading bunks, some trailers may require modification.   Most trailers have loading bunks that are easily moved which would be done during the Hydrofin installation process.

It depends on the type of lift and clearance required.  The front Hydrofin wings are installed midway back on the boat and 6-8” below the bottom of the pontoon log.  

Yes,  Owners can still beach their boats.  The front Hydrofin wings are installed midway back on the boat between the pontoon logs.   

Hydrofin wings are completely safe to use since they are safely and securely mounted between the pontoon logs.

Call us… we’d love to hear from you!   Buyers can expect a 30-40% top speed improvement and approximately 50% fuel savings when comparing the boats most efficient MPG.  For example, our test boat loaded with 1,100 lbs of people and gear runs 19.3 mph at 4,500 RPM’s while burning 15.5 GPH and getting 1.3 MPG.   The same boat with same load runs 20.5 MPH at 3,500 RPM’s while burning 8.8 GPH and getting 2.3 MPG.  (Test Boat Stats:  24’ SunTracker with a  115 Yamaha 2 stroke)