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Frequently Asked Questions

Just like wings provide lift to an airplane, Hydrofin wings lift the boat to reduce drag and increase performance. Designed to carry approximately 40% of the total weight of the boat, Hydrofin wings lift the boat an incredible 4-8″. The end result is a much faster and better performing boat that saves fuel since the motor doesn’t have to work as hard.
There are four wings safely mounted between the logs of the boat below the water line. The front wings are mounted near the center of gravity and the rear wings are mounted a few inches from the very back of the boat.
Similar to the boat itself, the Hydrofin wings were designed to withstand impact forces that come from normal operational use. Since the main wings are mounted 2/3 the way back on the boat, it is likely the pontoon logs will hit obstructions before hitting the wings. The wings draft only 2-4 inches, so your outboard motor will be much deeper than the wings.
The system was engineered to distribute the lifting forces so as not to damage your boat.
Yes, the “Super Fly” double pontoon system was designed to work on any new or existing double pontoon boat.
Yes, we have three different foil models. One is made for pontoons and the other two are for tritoons. Check the description of the “Super Ride” and “Super Ride XL” tritoon products to determine which is right for your boat.
Yes, the Hydrofin system can be installed on any trailer except scissor lift trailers (which lifts the boat from the deck). Depending on the style of your trailer, the guide posts (or bunks) may need to be moved forward. This can be done by the installer or you can do this on your own.
Similar to trailers, Hydrofin works with most boat lifts. In most cases no modifications will be necessary for your lift. In some cases, simple modifications may be required. Boat lifts that pick up the boat from the deck will be the only lifts that will not work.
Yes, owners can still beach their boats. The front Hydrofin wings are installed roughly 2/3 the way back on the boat between the pontoon logs.
• This is something we’re working through that is going to take time. We are ramping up as quickly as possible but will need to train and certify dealers one by one across the country. If you are interested purchasing, call or email us to find out if there is a certified dealer in your area. If we don’t have a certified dealer in your area and you wish to buy the product, we will call dealers in your area to see if they are interested in becoming certified dealers. Depending on your location and our availability, we will travel to you to complete the install.

Yes, but please watch our  installation video or review the installation manual before making the decision.  We want our customers to understand the steps before ordering the products to determine if the job is something they feel comfortable with.  The boat must be lifted and balanced to find the center of gravity.  For this reason, the installation process can be dangerous and most people may not have the tools needed to lift the boat.   If you have the means to lift the boat and find the center of gravity, we will provide an installation manual, video, and telephone support so that you understand the steps and are successful.   The installation takes two people around 6 hours to complete.

For our “Super Fly” double pontoon system, the main foils mount to the hull of the boat using a structural adhesive and the struts are attached to the bottom of the deck with nuts and bolts. No drilling, welding, or riveting on the pontoon logs is needed. Our “Super Ride” and “Super Ride XL” tritoon models are installed similarly. The plates will be mounted the same way. The only difference is there will be no vertical strut to attach to the deck of the boat. The fins will simply screw into the mounting plates.
The system is adjustable in several ways and designed to work with just about any pontoon or tritoon boat. We have mounting hardware for 24″, 25″, and 27″ diameter logs which covers most 90’s model and newer boats. The angle of attack of the foils is adjustable which determines the lift needed for different size boat and motor configurations. All of this is determined during the installation process depending on the boat and motor size, weight, and speed ranges.
Call us… we’d love to hear from you! Buyers can expect between 20-40% top speed improvement and up to 50% fuel savings depending on which Hydrofin product is installed. Check out our videos to see performance gains from various boat size and motor configurations. The best bet is to reach out to us, so we can talk about your boat specifically.
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