Perfect Your Pontoon Boat with Hydrofin

Perfect Your Pontoon Boat with Hydrofin

One of the best ways to spend downtime is fishing or floating on the water in a pontoon boat. Whether you love lazy days on the river or cruising across the lake, a pontoon boat is the perfect escape. However, you might feel that something is missing. Your boat might be fast, but does it really fly? Could your pontoon boat get better fuel economy? Keep reading to learn about a new pontoon boat accessory that gives you wings.


Perks of a Pontoon Boat 

A pontoon boat is the ideal water vehicle. It offers a lot of space for storage, which makes it a good choice for fishing trips. A pontoon typically has comfortable seating, providing ample room for boating with families and friends. What a pontoon is not typically known for is speed.


The Need for Pontoon Speed

The average double log pontoon boat reaches speeds between 20 to 28 miles per hour with 1-2 people on board.  But speeds drop significantly when you add 4+ people and hundreds of pounds of gear. This is where Hydrofin comes in. The wings lift your boat, reduce drag and increase top speed by 30 to 40 percent even with heavy loads.


The History of Hydrofoil Systems

The most enduring question about hydrofoils is if they actually work to increase speed. The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is that hydrofoils have been proven to be effective at increasing speed on boats since the 19th century. Military ships have been using them since World War II. If this technology is good enough for the United States Navy, it should be an excellent pontoon boat accessory for you.


Winning with Water Wings

The originality of Hydrofin comes from the style and design. These wings are mounted midway back on the boat between the pontoon logs. They offer the perfect amount of lift while keeping the pontoon balanced and safe.


Bonus Benefits for Your Boat

Wings make your boat move faster than you could have imagined. Surprisingly, there is an additional benefit that offers cost-savings and is eco-friendly. You will use less fuel with these wings because the fins lift up to 40 percent of the weight of your pontoon. Lowering your carbon footprint while saving money is a win-win.


What’s Next? 

The better question is what isn’t? Keep checking back with us for more articles about boating and water sports, how to make the most of your pontoon and so much more. You can even keep your eyes peeled for some myth-busting video that you will need to see to believe. Visit us regularly and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.


Now that you know how this product works and what it can do for you. There is only one move left: Try it out for yourself! Schedule a call so you can have the upgrade of a lifetime!

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