The Best Lake Toys for Pontoon Boaters in 2021

The Best Lake Toys for Pontoon Boaters in 2021

As a pontoon boater, you obviously like to have fun on the water. After all, the common name for your chosen boat is “party barge.” As a party barge driver, you need to have some great water toys on board, to make jumping in the water and floating around a whole lot more fun. Below is our list for the best lake toys for 2021.

Floating Golf Green

There are just a few sports modern man can choose from, when it comes to being highly social and fully relaxed during their pursuit. Boating and golf are two such activities. It is hard to feel stressed out or anti-social during either. Well played, neither will knock your teeth out.

Thanks to a floating golf green by Challenger Industries, you can combine your two most “chill” hobbies. With your four feet by six feet floating green complete with hole and flag, as well as your floating golf balls, you can turn your party barge into a “back 1.”

Spend your sunny summer afternoons chipping away without having to make a choice between a family outing on the lake or alone time on the greens. Then, when you are ready to amp up the speed and pull some skiers, simply tuck away the green with your other lake toys, shift the boat into a high gear and put your hydrofoil Hydrofin to good use. It’s all in a day’s boat-golfing!

Sea Scooter

The new king of underwater lake toys has to be the Yamaha Sea Scooter. Not for the faint of heart, this underwater exploration lake toy can take you to depths of 100 feet at about three miles per hour. Because of its compact size, the Sea Scooter stores well on your boat, too. 

More than just a water toy for the lake, you can use your Sea Scooter to chase fish, check out the lake bottom, explore areas too shallow for your boat or just cruise away from the family a bit for some solitude. Designed for saltwater use toward optimum buoyancy, the Sea Scooter also works great in freshwater.

Rubber Dockie

If you discourage people from using your pontoon boat as a diving platform, you can keep your decks dry with the help of a Rubber Dockie. The Rubber Dockie provides swimmers with a convenient floating mat to use for sunbathing, playing sports and just fooling around. The portable floating dock rolls up like a yoga mat for storage. But on the water, no one can resist jumping on board to see what happens.

Rubber Dockies have no hard edges and are tearproof and slip-resistant. This means no one will get injured or put an eye out on this lake toy. Perfect for people of all ages. Just throw it in the water to create an instant swim platform or lounging spot.

Airhead Poparazzi 3 Person Tube

If speed is the name of your crew’s game, surely your party barge is amped up for speed and fuel economy with a Hydrofin hydrofoil system? Being able to have more water toys for the lake certainly gets everyone more excited. With that combination of speed and the Airhead Poparazzi 3-Person Tube, you can take up to three people on a joyride that makes lasting summer memories. You may even become their pontoon boater of the year.

The Airhead Poparazzi features a back standing deck for one of the three riders while the other two recline on the front deck. Or, users can choose to kneel or sit on the available positions, each with plenty of hand straps to hold onto. These options give both skittish newbies and daredevils the chance to make this ride their own. It also makes the inflatable lake toy perfect for young and old.

The Ultimate Lake Toy for Any Pontoon Boater

The ultimate lake toy for any pontoon boater is certainly the Hydrofin hydrofoil system. The Hydrofin system reduces the weight of your boat by 40 to 50 percent, lifting the boat about four to eight inches out of the water, thereby reducing drag and boosting performance. Not only do you gain up to 40 percent speed, but your craft turns and handles more responsively, burning 50 percent less fuel as you go.

Check out the above video about Hydrofin’s hydrofoil system. Then, contact us to learn more about amping up the quality, speed and efficiency of your party barge for more fun with water toys for lake in 2021.

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