Will Hydrofin Work with a Lifting Strake?

Will it work with a Lifting Strake?

Hydrofin allows boaters to increase the speed as well as the fun on their pontoons once they get on the water. Pontoon boating at high-speeds creates an unforgettable experience and Hydrofin makes it possible. Hydrofin is extremely adaptable in terms of being installed to different types of pontoons and the design allows for installation even with lifting strakes. Watch the video below or contact us to learn more about Hydrofin, our product, and even the installation process.

Hydrofin & Lifting Strake Compatibility

Hydrofin can definitely be installed and added to a pontoon even if there are already lifting strakes on the boat. We have to perform a slight modification on the lifting strakes themselves to then mount the structural bracket underneath your boat. The main foil system then attaches to the plate that’s mounted along the strakes. To make all of these pieces fit, we simply cut the strakes in a section that is then replaced with the plate that mounts to the foil.

These modifications don’t impact the performance of the boat in any negative way but rather increases the lift Hydrofin already provides. We make a slight modification to the lifting strakes to accommodate our product, but overall our system is definitely compatible with lifting strakes. 

Video Transcription

Okay, so in this video, we’re going to be answering the question, “Will the Hydrofin System work if my boat has lifting strakes?” And so the short answer to that is, “Yes, it will still work.” There is a slight modification that we have to make to the lifting strakes themselves on your boat, currently. But basically what it is, and so if you can imagine you’ve got the lifting strakes up underneath your boat, and what happens here is, so this is the structural mounting bracket that the main foil system mounts to this plate here. Okay?

And so where the lifting strakes are, we actually have to cut out a section of that, we don’t cut the boat or anything like that. We’re just simply cutting the strakes in a section there, so that we can replace that section with this particular plate here. And so it doesn’t change the performance of the boat in any negative way. It only increases it with the extra lift that the Hydrofin System is generating on your boat.

So we do have to make a small modification, but it is something that we do during the installation process. Really not a big deal. So thanks for watching this video. I hope it answered all your questions. Please subscribe and be on the lookout for additional videos that we’ll be releasing soon. Thanks again.

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