What’s the difference between lifting strakes and Hydrofin?

What’s the difference between lifting strakes and Hydrofin?

Is your pontoon crew getting hit by waves instead of gliding over them?  Lifting strakes get the job done, but why get splashed by wave after wave when you could glide over them? With Hydrofin, you’re able to glide over the waves, go up to 40% faster, save up to 50% fuel economy and have more fun! Watch the video below to see the main difference between lifting strakes and the Hydrofin. As always, feel free to contact us to learn more about Hydrofin.

What’s the difference between Lifting Strakes and Hydrofin?

Curious about the difference between Hydrofin and lifting strakes? Typically, lifting strakes are a piece of sheet metal, used to deflect water.  It’s basic planing surface is very small compared to the Hydrofin system. The Hydrofin system is a highly engineered system that can change the angle of attack to generate a lot of lift to the pontoon boat. It can generate up to 2,500 pounds of lift at 25 miles an hour with the hydrofoils used in the Hydrofin System. 

Overall the Hydrofin is a patented design with stronger performance benefits compared to lifting strakes. Watch the video above and subscribe to see all our future updates, showcasing all of the various performance benefits of the Hydrofin System. Contact us today to learn more about getting more out of your pontoon boat’s performance.

Video Transcription

Alright. So, in this video, I wanted to just talk about the difference between the Hydrofin System and Lifting Strakes. And so, I’ve got a model boat here. I’m going to just pick this up here off of the stand and show you what we’ve done. So, here’s your typical pontoon boat. So, we had a 3D model made of this, to help kind of illustrate the Hydrofin System. So, we’re looking at the underneath side of the boat. So, typically, what you would have with a lifting strake is, a lifting strake would actually run in – not all cases, but most cases – it would run along the inside of the pontoon logs, the full length of the log. So, it’s basically just a piece of sheet metal that’s kind of been formed at an angle to deflect water, and it runs along – again, the entire length of the boat. Sometimes they also have them on the outside of the boat. 

But the difference here with the Hydrofin System is that, you can see that everything that is in silver, here: so you’ve got the entire Hydrofin System, the main foils, and mounting brackets, etc., up on the kind of the front- middle part of this boat, and then, you’ve got these two rear foils as well. And so, that’s really the core differences that the Lifting Strakes – really, again, it just deflects water. And it tries to help get the boat up on plane, because it’s sort of just a planing surface. But they’re very small compared to the Hydrofin System, which is actually a highly engineered wing that we can actually change the angle of attack of these foils, and they actually generate a lot of lift. We can generate up to 2,500 pounds of lift at 25 miles an hour with these hydrofoils. So, a completely different design and different performance benefits out of the Hydrofin System compared to lifting strakes. 

So, thanks, again, for watching this video. Please subscribe so that you get future updates on other videos that we’re currently making, the changes in performance benefits of the Hydrofin System. Thanks, again.

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