Hydrofin creates the lift you need – What determines the lifting force?

Hydrofin creates the lift you need - What determines the lifting force?

You love lounging on your pontoon, but you have a need for speed. The best way to marry your desire for pontoon boat comfort and speed boat excitement is with a hydrofoil lift. The Hydrofin system is a pontoon boat accessory that lifts your boat, which increases speed and makes your ride fast and fun. Watch the video below as Jason explains hydrofoil lifting force 101.


The Benefits of Hydrofoil Lift

Hydrofin is customized to your double pontoon boat. Engineering professionals have determined the perfect install for each double pontoon regardless of size. The Hydrofin team uses the weight, length and horsepower rate of your boat to create a perfect fit. All you have to do is talk to the Hydrofin team to learn exactly how this product will increase your enjoyment every time you take your pontoon to the river or lake.


The Hydrofin Angle of Attack

The foils are installed at a specific angle to create the lift you need for higher speeds. The angle of attack refers to the angle at which the wing hits the water. This angle varies depending on the size and weight of your double pontoon boat. The more positive the angle is, the more height your boat will reach. Higher heights will equal faster speeds. At the same time, too much lift can be counterproductive. Hydrofin offers a team of experts who understand how to perfect hydrofoil lift for every double pontoon.


A One-of-a-Kind Product for Your Recreational Needs

The Hydrofin difference is the ability to customize the fit of the wing. No other pontoon accessory like this has a fit that is tailored to each boat. This is accomplished through use of an adjustable torpedo bracket. That bracket mounts to a base plate on the pontoon boat. The hydrofoil wing is then mounted to the torpedo bracket. The bracket itself is installed at the precise angle determined based on your double pontoon boat’s specifications.

Contact Hyrodfin today for a lighter, quicker and more entertaining ride.

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Video Transcript:

Okay, so in this video, what I wanted to do is, I wanted to actually answer the question, you know: “How do we generate lift? How do these foils generate lift? And how can we change the lift per boat? Or can you change the left per boat?” Maybe that’s the better question. And so what I want to show you here is, this is a chart that our engineers created, that help us in the installers know exactly how much lift is needed for different boats, right?


So different lengths, weight, horsepower rates, so the all those different boats are going to go different speeds; and so, and they’re going to have different weights. And so this chart, actually what it has here is, we look at on this side, here we’ve got the angle of attack, that the foils need to be installed. And based upon the angle of attack, that’s basically the angle at which the wing hits the water, and so as we increase the angle – a positive increase in the angle of attack – actually generates more lift to the boat. But we don’t want to lift it too much, right, so there is a formula that we use here. And so we look at the angle of attack, and then across the top here, we’re looking at the speed. And so this chart simply helps us determine-, okay at, for example, 25 miles an hour, and a two-degree angle of attack, we’re generating 1,057 pounds of lifting force. There is no other product on the market that actually can do what we can do, where we can physically change the lift for every single boat and every single install.


And so I’ll show you in the product itself, how that is accomplished. Okay, so here is what we call a Torpedo Bracket. And this is what mounts to the base plate, and also to the wings, so the wing actually mounts here. But what’s unique about this, is that this torpedo bracket has got some screws on the back, and as you can see here, it’s got some adjustability within the torpedo bracket itself. And so I’ve got those loosened up right now so that I can show you how this works. So basically, if we wanted to increase the angle of attack, we can increase it and lock down those screws in the back. If we need to decrease the angle of attack according to that chart, we could do the same, and then lock those in. So for each installation and for each boat, using this chart information, we can know exactly how this product needs to be installed on your boat to generate the best results.


So thanks again for watching. If you’d like this video, please subscribe because we’ve got a lot more similar videos that are going to teach you guys how this system works and what it actually does. So thanks again. We’ll see you next time.

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