Is Hydrofin Available for Tritoon Boats?

Is Hydrofin available for Tri-Toon boats?

Hydrofin is a key addition to pontoon boats that allow you to experience comfort and rule the water all at once. Cruising at high-speeds on a pontoon boat is a thrilling experience and Hydrofin makes it happen. The addition of Hydrofin allows boat owners to rule the water while their passengers can dive into the fun of water skiing, tubing, and more. But what about tritoon pontoon boats? Will it work for tritoons? Be ready for Spring 2021 because Hydrofin is stepping it up and making a new product available for tritoon boats! Subscribe to stay on a notification list to be updated with additional videos as well as be updated on new product releases!

Hydrofin and Pontoons

Hydrofin currently only has a product available for double pontoons but is in the process of redesigning an option for tritoons. Double pontoon foils are long and straight, because of this we are able to place them easily between the space underneath double pontoon boats. This becomes a more difficult installation in tritoons. Tritoons don’t have as much space so our engineering team is working to produce an option that will be specific address tritoon boats. The foil design for tritoons will be completely different, but it will still have similar performance and lifting characteristics as what we have designed for double pontoon boats. Stay tuned for the release of our tritoon solution in spring of 2021!

Video Transcription

So a question that we’ve been getting more recently is, “Do you have a solution for tritoon boats?” And so we wanted to answer that question in this video.

Currently, the answer is no. However, we are coming out with, and creating a solution specifically for tritoons. And so, this one here that I’m holding in my hand, it’s for double pontoons as you can see. The foils are… They’re long and straight, ‘course there’s a lot of space in between double pontoon boats so that we can house this. But for tritoons, it’s going to be a completely different design but still have similar performance and lifting characteristics as what we have in the double pontoon boat. But it won’t be out, like I said, until the spring of 2021.

So please subscribe. And if you do that then you’ll be on, basically, a notification list when these additional videos come out, and that’s where we’ll be doing a lot of education in terms of when the product is available, what the performance looks like, those kinds of things. So thanks again for watching this video, we’ll see you next time.

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