Hydrofin is a winged system, what does that mean?

Hydrofin is a winged system, what does that mean?

The Hydrofin system generates incredible lifting force that ultimately gives you a faster boat and an increase in the fuel economy! But what does it mean when we say Hydrofin is a winged system?

In the video below, Jason gives a bit of background around what a hydrofoil is. It is an actual winged system that flies through the water, providing a lift for your boat. The hydrofoil generates enough speed to carry your entire boat, giving you a comfortable and exciting ride!

With our partners at Morrelli & Melvin’s incredible, world championship design we have created these hydrofoils to give you the best possible experience out on the water. 

Unlike lifting strakes, as we mentioned in our last video, hydrofoils actually generate lift. Giving you that 40% speed improvement and that 50% fuel economy. There’s nothing quite like these hydrofoils anywhere else.

Make sure to check out the video below and subscribe to the Hydrofin Youtube channel. Keep your eyes peeled for all of our future content coming to you very soon, as we keep bringing you up to speed on every new development about our system!

Video Transcript:

Okay. So, in this video, I want to just talk a little bit about hydrofoils and what they are. And fundamentally, what a hydrofoil is, is it’s a wing. So, it’s a wing that flies through the water. So, just think about an airplane wing, or the wing of a bird, or whatever, it does the same thing. So, it provides lift to that plane that carries it through the air. Well, hydrofoil does the same thing, is it actually generates lift, a designated amount of lift needed to carry a boat. And so, that’s what we’ve created, and we’re very fortunate to partner with Morrelli & Melvin. They’re at the Newport Beach, California. This company is absolutely.. they’re world champions in their design. They’ve won multiple world champions. And so, we’re very fortunate to work with them to create these foils. 

And again, in another video that we created, we talk a little bit about how these hydrofoils are different from lifting strakes, and they’re completely different. These actually generate lifting force. So, you may want to check that out. And that lift actually generates.. that’s how we get the 40% speed improvement, and the 50% fuel economy. So, there’s a lot of things that these hydrofoils do, that lifting strakes and other devices cannot do. There’s really nothing else on the market like this. And so, we’re grateful, thank you for taking the time to watch this. Please subscribe because we are releasing additional videos all the time, and we’d love to just continue to bring you up to speed on the new developments that we have coming out. Thanks again. Talk to you soon. 


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