Antifouling Paint – Does The Hydrofin System Come in Other Colors?

Does The Hydrofin System Come in Other Colors? Our Antifouling Paint Protects Your Pontoon's Hydrofoil

We have received a couple of questions about customizing and different color options for your Hydrofin system. Of course, our answer is YES!  Not only do we want you to feel comfortable during your ride with Hydrofin, but we also want you to look good too!  Watch our video below! In this week’s video, Jason talks about how our original hydrofoil system came in an aluminum finish but now we offer a bottom paint as well as antifouling paint. 


Our Hydrofoil Antifouling Paint Prevents Mold & Algae Growth

We know many of our customers leave their boat docked in the water, so to prevent any algae growth or muscles, we paint this antifouling paint over the whole system. Thanks to the added benfit of our antifouling paint you won’t have any performance issues or mold issues! At Hydrofin, we’ve got you covered.

Antifouling Paint Protects Your Pontoon’s Hydrofoil System

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Video Transcription

Okay, so in this video, we’re going to talk a little bit about color options and what we do with these foils. And so, as you can see here, we’ve got, currently, this foil here in the back or this whole system in the back. This is the, just aircraft grade aluminum. It’s polished. This is the finish as it is. But we also can bottom paint or, actually, we’re applying an antifouling paint. I’ve had multiple customers call and ask about, “Well, hey, I leave my boat in the water. I’m in salt water, fresh water,” doesn’t matter. And so, we actually have been painting these foils and the entire system with that antifouling paint, so that it doesn’t get any algae growth or any zebra mussels or any of those kinds of things, so you don’t have to worry about that. That is definitely an option. 

And then we’re also looking at painting them in different colors with some different designs and those things. We haven’t quite gone there yet but, for sure, the main question is, “If I leave my boat in the water, is it going to be a problem? Is that going to cause any performance issues?” And the answer to that question is ‘no’, there’s no issues with it. We would just put an antifouling paint on that particular set and you’d be ready to go. 

Thanks again for watching this video. Please subscribe so that you get notifications on additional videos that we’ve got coming out. And thanks again for watching.

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