Tips for Parking Your Pontoon Boat in the Slip

Tips for Parking Your Pontoon Boat in the Slip

When you take your pontoon boat out on the open water, you want some speed. A lot of boaters feel some dismay when trying to make their boats go faster. But you can increase your pontoon boat speeds by up to 40 percent faster with a hydrofoil system by Hydrofin. At the same time, this system decreases your fuel output by up to 50 percent. Of course, when heading into your boat slip, it is time to slow down.

Many captains get a bit of anxiety when it is time for parking the pontoon boat in the slip. This anxiety heightens if people are standing on the dock or generally watching you in your attempts. Instead of feeling embarrassed and flummoxed, try some handy tips for parking your pontoon boat in the slip with a little bit more ease.

Check the Wind and Current

Your first step when parking your pontoon boat in the slip is to check wind direction and current. The best condition for pulling into place is a light wind from behind the slip. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a sideways drift or going against the wind. Whatever the wind and current, try to work with nature instead of against it.

Fix on a Relative Bearing Before Using the Motor

Before piloting your boat using the motor, first, fix on a relative bearing to determine your boat’s movement. Once you get an idea of how it is naturally moving, only use the motor in quick spurts to go forward and in reverse. The motor use when parking your pontoon boat should remain gentle, intermittent, and easy. The boat steers better at a slow speed.

Find the Right Angle

For each approach when parking your pontoon boat in the slip, you should choose the angle that takes you into the current or wind. Choose whichever of these two options is the strongest, letting the wind do most of the work for you. Lead with bow toward the dock while the wind slows your movement. Approach the sides of the slip at a 45-degree angle. As you get closer to the space, shift into neutral.

Reverse the Motor and Center Your Steering

After slipping into neutral and approaching the slip at 45 degrees, the boat will drift into place. At this time, remind your passengers to stabilize and secure themselves for any little jolts when parking your pontoon boat in the slip.

Once in the slip, shift the motor into reverse. Center the steering wheel. This brings the boat to a stop. Shear off right before the bow comes into contact with the slip.

Remember that You Will Improve with Practice

Parking your pontoon boat takes practice, just like parking a car. But in time and with repeated outings, you will get the hang of it. No one gets it perfectly right the first time.

Tips for Parking Your Pontoon Boat in the Slip
Tips for Parking Your Pontoon Boat in the Slip

Enjoy Faster Speeds Out on the Open Water

Parking your pontoon boat is a slow process that takes some effort, patience, and as said above, practice. But on the open water, you can enjoy more speed than ever before in your pontoon boat. Talk to your hydrofoil system dealer at Hydrofin today to learn about this simple accessory that adds more excitement to your boating adventures. Schedule a call with us now.

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