6 Pontoon Boat Life Hacks You Need to Know

Pontoon Boat Life Hacks

Are you ready to make your next pontoon boat season the best ever? After 2020’s unusual events and stress, we are all more eager than ever to get back onto our pontoons and in the water. To help you enjoy your best boating season yet, let’s start with some pontoon life hacks.

1. Organize Your Flip Flops

As people jump off the side of your pontoon boat into the water, they tend to kick off their flip flops and leave them where they fall. This makes walking around the boat deck like navigating a minefield of tripping hazards. But if you put them in a storage area, they are not readily accessible. You need a life hack for flip flops.

To keep your passengers’ flip flops organized, invest in a bungee cord that fits around your cooler. With this cord wrapped tightly but not too taut, you create the perfect place for passengers to tuck their footwear. They simply wedge their shoes under the bungee and against the cooler. Another option is to hang a shoe organizer from one of your canopy poles. This gives everyone easy access to shoe storage for the day and keeps your pontoon boat deck clear.

2. Keep Small Objects Close at Hand

Sunglasses, bottle openers, keys, suntan lotion and other small objects riddle the pontoon boat deck and seating areas every time you go out on the water. To keep these objects close at hand but out of the way, spend a few dollars on a shower caddy or other organizer. You can mount one of these caddies anywhere you have space but within easy reach. Instead of placing small objects where they can slide with every small wave, simply put them in the caddy for easy access.

3. Make Your Keys Float

One of the most important life hacks of pontoon boating is keeping up with your car keys. It is too easy for these keys to slip out of your pocket or from the deck into the water. Once they drop into the abyss, good luck getting them back!

To keep your keys safe, you need to buy a key float or can make your own. To DIY, simply insert small screw eyes into several wine corks and string these on a keychain as a flotation device. Of course, you need to test your key float’s buoyancy with all of your keys attached. Do this at home and keep attaching more corks until your keys do not sink.

4. Add Some Gear Hammocks

To store snacks, fruit and other food items on your pontoon boat, purchase some gear hammocks online. These affordable hammocks do not take up precious deck space. Instead, they make use of convenient spaces left unutilized on the boat. Besides using this life hack for food storage, you can also use them to collect other random gear you want safely accessible, yet out of the way.

5. Keep Your Cooler Where It Belongs

When you speed up your pontoon boat or make bumpy turns, your cooler slides across the deck. You never know where it will end up next. But you can keep your cooler from sliding like this. You only need a damp towel to keep it in place as a life hack.

Simply dip a towel in the water and wring it out. Next, fold the towel to the same size as your cooler’s base. Place the towel on the deck where you want the ice chest to stay. Then position the cooler on top of this towel to keep it still.

6. Speed Up Your Pontoon Boat and Save Fuel

Most pontoon boat owners want to go faster in the water. A popular life hack for achieving this goal is simply installing a Hydrofin. This aftermarket pontoon boat accessory speeds up your craft by 40 percent and uses 50 percent less fuel. To learn more about Hydrofin and how this hydrofoil system works, contact us today for a free consultation.

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